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Euler Finance Exploiter Returns Stolen Ethereum Worth Over $100 Million

Euler Finance Exploiter Returns Stolen Ethereum Worth Over $100 Million

Based on on-chain data, the individual who exploited Euler Finance has returned over 58,000 Ethereum, valued at over $100 million on March 25.

This action resulted in a 28% increase in the value of EUL tokens.

The exploit involved two transactions on March 25, with 51,000 ETH sent to a decentralized finance deployer address and 7,737 ETH sent through an intermediary address “0x46e0Be,” according to BlockSec.

The attacker also transferred millions of DAI to another cryptocurrency wallet.

However, the attacker still holds $73 million worth of ETH and $43 million DAI. Following the attack, various transactions have raised questions about the hacker’s intentions and identity.

On March 18, the attacker returned 3,000 ETH to the Euler deployer, and on March 20, they sent a message on-chain to Euler’s address expressing a willingness to cooperate and return the funds.

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Euler did not publicly acknowledge the offer, but the DeFi project is probably in communication with the exploiter. The EUL token value has rebounded slightly, trading at $3.59 as of press time, after dropping by over 50% following the attack.

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