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GameFi Cryptocurrency Surges 15% in Less Than a Day

GameFi Cryptocurrency Surges 15% in Less Than a Day

On April 7, a popular GameFi cryptocurrency experienced a significant surge in value after an announcement of new developments.

Enjin (ENJ) went up from a low of $0.418 to $0.50, marking its highest point since February 25. As of writing, ENJ has seen a 15% increase in the last 24 hours, trading at $0.479.

This is noteworthy, given that many cryptocurrencies have either suffered losses or seen little growth within the last 24 hours. Enjin’s cryptocurrency has gone up by around 95% this year so far.

Trading volume for Enjin Coin also experienced a significant increase, rising by almost 700% at present.

Trading volume indicates interest in buying or selling an asset, and with this recent surge in volatility, traders may have jumped in to benefit from the gains. Enjin has announced some exciting developments via their official Twitter account, indicating they are close to unveiling a new Enjin platform.

The platform will allow users to easily create collections, tokens, and beams, and game developers can approve, freeze, mutate, and destroy assets via the new UI platform.

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The company is also eagerly anticipating the release of its upcoming marketplace, nft.io, which will include all of the basic functionalities found in any NFT-related marketplace and the potential to work with Efinity in the future.

Last month the Enjin team revealed updates for the Enjin wallet application, a mobile app for Android and iOS users that enables them to store, send, and sell NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

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