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Giant Crash Incoming, Bitcoin Will Skyrocket – Robert Kiyosaki

Giant Crash Incoming, Bitcoin Will Skyrocket – Robert Kiyosaki

The author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" warns investors to pay attention to a wave of layoffs at tech companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

Robert Kiyosaki predicts that the market crash will begin this month and that all assets, including gold and crypto, will initially plummet.

An expectation of market turmoil

According to the author, Silicon Valley will be the first to fall, with layoffs of 144,000 in 2022 and 66,000 more in 2023. He expects everything to crash, including gold, silver, and Bitcoin, but advises not to panic as he plans to buy more gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

Consequences of the market crash

After the market crash, the author believes that the Federal Reserve will be forced to print billions to prop up the market, expanding the nation’s debt and eroding the dollar’s value.

However, he expects scarce assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin to increase in value by 2025.

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Projections for the future

Robert Kiyosaki predicts that by 2025, gold will be at $5,000, silver at $500, and Bitcoin at $500,000. He believes this will happen because faith in the US dollar, which he refers to as fake money, will be destroyed.

The author calls gold and silver “God’s money” and Bitcoin the “people’s money.”

Why Bitcoin is appealing

Kiyosaki said that part of Bitcoin’s appeal is its relative safety from a regulatory perspective. Although the US Securities and Exchange Commission has some concerns about the crypto industry, the agency has stated that Bitcoin is not a security.

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