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Google Cloud Officially Becomes a Solana Validator

Google Cloud Officially Becomes a Solana Validator

Google Cloud, one of the biggest cloud service providers in the world, is going to become an irreplaceable part of the Solana network and it will add the blockchain to its wide range of products and services.

The company announced that it will run a block-producing validator that will enable it to participate and validate the Solana network.

Besides becoming a validator, Google Cloud is also working to implement its Blockchain Node Engine (BNE) in the Solana ecosystem. Blockchain Node Engine is Google’s node-hosting service, which reduces the need for complex node operations.

BNE was previously utilized only for the Ethereum blockchain and it’s expanding network of developers. Adding Solana to the mix will reduce the time required for running a node on Solana and making it accessible to more users.

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The tech giant also announced that it is currently working on indexing the data from the Solana blockchain and bringing it into BigQuery. Google Cloud’s data storage enables the massive database of the Solana blockchain to be queried quickly and efficiently by relying on the processing power of Google.

After the news broke out Solana (SOL) jumped over 13% and is currently trading a little below $36.

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