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Grayscale Introduces Dynamic Income Fund for Crypto Staking

Grayscale Introduces Dynamic Income Fund for Crypto Staking

Grayscale Investments has introduced a new investment product designed for sophisticated clients looking to tap into the income generated from staking cryptocurrency tokens.

The recently announced Grayscale Dynamic Income Fund is exclusively available to clients with assets under management exceeding $1.1 million or a net worth surpassing $2.2 million.

The fund’s strategy involves converting staking rewards into US dollars on a weekly basis, with distributions planned quarterly for investors. Grayscale asserts that a meticulous selection process will be employed to curate the proof-of-stake (PoS) tokens featured in the fund’s portfolio, managing the complexities of staking and unstaking multiple tokens with individual timelines and requirements.

The primary objective of the fund is to optimize staking income from the assets, with capital growth serving as a secondary goal.

Crypto staking involves locking up crypto tokens to earn interest or rewards, contributing to the secure and efficient functioning of the blockchain network.

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Grayscale has disclosed three PoS tokens to be included in the fund: Osmosis with a 24% share, Solana with 20%, and Polkadot representing 14%, while the remaining 43% is allocated to other tokens.

Presently, OSMO offers a staking reward rate of 11.09%, SOL offers 7.42%, and DOT stands at 11.9%, according to data from Staking Rewards. However, only SOL ranks among the top 10 PoS tokens by market capitalization.

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