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Hedera CEO Reveals Ambitious 2023 Plans for Solving Crypto Scalability

Hedera CEO Reveals Ambitious 2023 Plans for Solving Crypto Scalability

The founder of the Hedera (HBAR) proof-of-stake layer-1 network has shared the project's goals for this year, stating that the network has successfully defied last year's cryptocurrency bear market.

Hedera co-founder and CEO Mance Harmon presented his ambitious plans for the cryptocurrency protocol in an interview on the Paul Barron Network YouTube channel. Harmon stated that HBAR‘s metrics have continued to improve, even during the crypto winter period.

He is confident that Hedera will become the first decentralized network to address the scalability issue that currently plagues the industry.

According to Harmon, Hedera can process 10,000 transactions per second, a capability that has existed since the platform’s launch in 2019.

The CEO has outlined plans to broaden the network capabilities by introducing community nodes to supplement the existing council-member-operated nodes. Hedera is currently trading at $0.089, a 5% rise from the previous day.

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Hedera is positioning itself to become a major player in the cryptocurrency industry with its focus on scalability and adding community nodes and shards.

In addition to expanding the network capabilities with community nodes, Hedera plans to add additional shards, which are other networks that contribute to the overall throughput. Harmon believes that this will enable Hedera to continue its growth throughout 2023.

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