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Huawei Cloud Launches Metaverse and Web3 Alliance

Huawei Cloud Launches Metaverse and Web3 Alliance

Huawei's cloud division has partnered with several blockchain companies to launch its metaverse and Web3 Alliance project.

This partnership aims to speed up the adoption and proliferation of these technologies in East Asia and beyond.

At the Huawei Cloud Asia Pacific Partnership Leaders Summit in Bali, Indonesia, on February 23, Huawei Cloud announced its collaboration with Polygon (MATIC), Deepbrain Chain (DBC), Morpheus Labs (MITX), and Blockchain Solutions.

Pei-Han, the CEO of Morpheus Labs, emphasized his company’s role in the project as “one of the key partners in Huawei Metaverse – Web3 Alliance.”

Other IT companies such as Cloudsec Asia, Sirius, HKT Enterprise Solutions, China Telecom, China Mobility, and China Unicom also attended the summit to discuss expanding the technology’s reach.

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Huawei Cloud provides cloud-native, artificial intelligence, and big data solutions to governments and businesses in almost 30 countries. Its blockchain alliance is part of its efforts to expand new technologies, as the company announced in November 2021 that it aims to roll out the 6G network by 2030.

Tencent Cloud, the cloud division of tech company Tencent, has also partnered with various decentralized technology projects to support global Web3 ecosystem development.

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