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Indian Warren Buffet Skeptical About Bitcoin’s Future

Indian Warren Buffet Skeptical About Bitcoin’s Future

Investment manager Mohnish Pabrai, often compared to Warren Buffett, recently shared his doubts about Bitcoin's long-term prospects.

During a My First Million podcast episode, Pabrai expressed a pessimistic view on Bitcoin, predicting a bleak outcome for the cryptocurrency. He acknowledged his limited expertise in digital currencies but firmly stated that he believes Bitcoin’s future is grim due to its lack of intrinsic value.

Pabrai drew a comparison between Bitcoin and the US dollar. He pointed out that, unlike Bitcoin, the dollar is backed by the US government’s credibility and public trust, providing it with a stable foundation.

Pabrai advised most people to avoid Bitcoin, stressing that many investors cannot justify its value or predict its trajectory. This sentiment is common among value investors who are wary of Bitcoin’s long-term sustainability.

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Pabrai’s views are in line with other investment heavyweights like Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, who have also criticized Bitcoin. Buffett once described Bitcoin as “rat poison squared,” highlighting his skepticism.

Additionally, the JPMorgan CEO’s call for stricter regulations on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has added to the negative sentiment, despite facing backlash on social media.

Despite these criticisms, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have recently seen price surges. Bitcoin is trading above $68,530, and Ethereum at $3,900, following the SEC’s approval of several Ethereum spot ETFs, which came after earlier approvals for Bitcoin ETFs.

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