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Institutional Investors Forecast Bullish Trends for Cryptocurrency

Institutional Investors Forecast Bullish Trends for Cryptocurrency

A recent survey sponsored by Coinbase reveals that the sentiment among institutional investors leans heavily towards an optimistic outlook on the future of cryptocurrency prices.

Commissioned by the prominent US-based crypto exchange and conducted by Institutional Investor, the survey gathered insights from 250 institutional investors, aiming for a diverse representation within the industry.

Results indicate a notable shift in perceptions compared to the previous year, with 57% of participants anticipating an upward trajectory in crypto prices over the coming 12 months. Contrastingly, just 8% held such optimism in the previous survey conducted by Coinbase. Merely 2% of respondents foresee a downward trend, while 41% expect stability or a range-bound market.

Furthermore, the survey underscores a growing inclination among nearly 60% of respondents to bolster their crypto holdings in the next three years.

Interestingly, none of the participants expressed intentions to reduce their digital asset portfolios. Additionally, almost half of those institutional investors currently not invested in crypto aim to step into this domain within the next three years.

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Regarding preferred asset classes for generating promising risk-adjusted returns in the coming years, respondents cited private equity as the most attractive (54%), followed by U.S. equities (48%), cryptocurrencies (41%), and emerging market equities (35%). Notably, commodities (31%) and real estate (26%) garnered comparatively lower enthusiasm.

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