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Investors Beware: Largest Market Crash Since 1929 on the Horizon

Investors Beware: Largest Market Crash Since 1929 on the Horizon

Henrik Zeberg, an expert in macroeconomics, has expressed a concerning outlook for investors, warning of an impending market downturn unlike anything seen in the past century.

Zeberg recently shared a chart with his sizable Twitter following of 102,100 users that demonstrates how the National Association of Home Builders Housing Market Index (HMI) and the US unemployment rate have historically correlated with each other.

The HMI gauges the state of the American housing market by evaluating the current and projected sales of single-family homes.

Zeberg has observed striking similarities between the current state of the HMI and unemployment rate and those that existed just before the 2007 housing market collapse, which resulted in the Great Financial Crisis.

Zeberg has predicted that the impending housing market crash will coincide with a significant surge in the stock market.

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He believes that the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) may be the catalyst for the predicted stock market rally.

According to Zeberg, the stock market will soar to all-time highs before the onset of a recession, which will trigger the largest market crash since 1929. He also anticipates that the US will enter a recession by the end of 2023.

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