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Jordan Belfort no Longer Howling at Bitcoin: Here Are Some Insights for Investors

Jordan Belfort no Longer Howling at Bitcoin: Here Are Some Insights for Investors

Jordan Belfort, famously known as the "Wolf of Wall Street," has become less skeptical of cryptocurrencies over time, particularly Bitcoin (BTC).

Belfort has made several predictions about Bitcoin’s future, including three key insights.

Firstly, Belfort sees regulations as a chance for Bitcoin to increase in value. He believes that regulations in the crypto sector are necessary for Bitcoin to flourish and has criticized those who view regulations as a hindrance to digital asset growth.

Secondly, Belfort no longer believes that Bitcoin will go to zero, as he did previously. He was proven wrong after Bitcoin’s resurgence from the crypto winter of 2018 and other incidents, such as the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem crash.

Lastly, Belfort thinks investors should not dismiss Bitcoin or Ethereum (ETH) due to recent high-profile incidents, such as the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange. He recommends focusing on Bitcoin and Ethereum for long-term crypto investments.

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Bitcoin’s future potential won’t be solely determined by its own merits but rather by a combination of factors, including regulations, adoption rates, and macroeconomic conditions.


It is crucial to remember that cryptocurrencies remain an investment that is highly volatile and speculative. Furthermore, the future of Bitcoin and other digital assets will depend on the progress made in the wider financial landscape.

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