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Kennedy Warns of CBDC Threats, Praises Bitcoin as Freedom’s Guardian

Kennedy Warns of CBDC Threats, Praises Bitcoin as Freedom’s Guardian

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently expressed concerns over the potential impact of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) on personal financial freedoms.

During a discussion on the What Bitcoin Did podcast hosted by Peter McCormack, Kennedy cautioned against the intrusive possibilities of CBDCs.

He suggested that these digital currencies could grant governments unprecedented abilities to monitor and track individual spending habits.

Kennedy pointed out that such extensive oversight might lead to increased taxation on transactions, with financial institutions profiting from transactional handling.

He stressed that this level of constant scrutiny could significantly infringe upon people’s freedoms.

Moreover, Kennedy highlighted potential programmable aspects of CBDCs, raising concerns about their possible connection to social credit scores, which could empower governments to restrict fund access for specific purposes.

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In contrast, Kennedy lauded Bitcoin (BTC) as a potential remedy to the perceived threats of CBDCs. He described Bitcoin as an alternative that could preserve transactional freedoms due to its decentralized nature.

The presidential candidate sees Bitcoin as an alternative solution, emphasizing its decentralized architecture as a means to safeguard transactional freedoms in the face of the challenges posed by CBDCs.

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