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Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Could Hit $90,000 by Late Summer

Analyst Predicts Bitcoin Could Hit $90,000 by Late Summer

Analyst Kevin Svenson has identified a promising trend for Bitcoin (BTC) after its significant price increase over the last month.

In his latest video update, Svenson said that Bitcoin is nearing a critical breakout point.

Svenson explains that Bitcoin is on the brink of a “Blue Sky Breakout,” a phase where it surpasses all historical price levels and enters a new territory of price discovery. He suggests that Bitcoin’s current parabolic trend could push its price up by approximately 26%, targeting a rise to around $90,000.

He predicts that if this trend continues, Bitcoin could achieve this target by late summer. Svenson also mentions that historically, September tends to be a challenging month for Bitcoin and the stock market, often followed by a recovery in October.

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He anticipates a possible pullback in September but expects the overall upward trend to continue into the New Year and beyond, extending into 2025.

Svenson clarifies that the $90,000 target is based on the current trend and is not the ultimate peak for Bitcoin in this cycle. He remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s long-term prospects, forecasting continued growth in the coming years.

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