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Technical Analysis

Bitcoin Poised for Potential Rebound, According to Market Expert

Bitcoin Poised for Potential Rebound, According to Market Expert

A renowned cryptocurrency analyst and trader, known as Credible Crypto, predicts a substantial rebound for Bitcoin (BTC).

Credible Crypto suggests that Bitcoin could soon surge to the $68,000 level.

He notes that while many altcoins are hitting projected bounce zones, Bitcoin might experience another dip below $60,000 before a relief rally kicks in.

According to his analysis, Bitcoin could briefly dip below $60,000 before making a move towards the $68,000 resistance level. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $66,000, showing a 7.15% increase over the past 24 hours.

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Furthermore, Credible Crypto suggests that XRP, a cross-border payments network, may also witness rallies alongside Bitcoin.

He explains that while XRP’s price action remains corrective, there’s potential for upside movement across the market.

If XRP manages to outperform BTC and reclaims $0.64 during a BTC relief rally to $69,000-$70,000, it could indicate a strong recovery from its recent low at $0.43.

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