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Bitcoin: Possibility of Surging Past $500K – PlanB’s Forecast

Bitcoin: Possibility of Surging Past $500K – PlanB’s Forecast

According to insights from the on-chain analyst known as PlanB, there's speculation that Bitcoin (BTC) could potentially surge to an impressive $524,000 within the upcoming four years.

PlanB recently posted a chart illustrating the price distribution of BTC during each halving, a period when miners’ rewards are halved.

Drawing from a historical pattern where BTC tends to reach approximately four times higher than the lower end of its distribution range, PlanB suggests that the leading cryptocurrency might surpass the half-million mark in the coming years.

Furthermore, he anticipates that the upcoming bull run might exhibit a more remarkable surge compared to previous cycles, attributing this to various macro factors, including the impact of Covid-19 on the 2021 cycle.

Speculating on the future, PlanB expresses the belief that within the next four years, Bitcoin may transition within the $65,000 to $524,000 range, suggesting the potential for substantial growth.

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The respected analyst also predicts that Bitcoin’s value will only linger below $40,000 temporarily. He shares an additional chart indicating that Bitcoin is currently trading above the two-year and five-month realized price levels.

The realized price metric, which calculates the total sum of Bitcoin at their last transaction price divided by the circulating BTC count, supports PlanB’s assertion.

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