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Technical Analysis

Bitcoin’s Next Big Move: Price Targets Unveiled by Leading Trader

Bitcoin’s Next Big Move: Price Targets Unveiled by Leading Trader

Experienced trader Dave the Wave suggests that Bitcoin (BTC) is at a critical juncture where it could either embark on a significant upward surge or face a notable downturn.

Dave highlights the potential for Bitcoin to rally towards $65,000, but also cautions that failure could lead to a drop to $41,000.

He states, “There’s a short-term target of $65,000 if Bitcoin breaks out of its current channel, with a downside target of $41,000 if it fails to do so. The ball’s in Bitcoin’s court now.”

Dave observes on his chart that Bitcoin has recently broken out of a long-term regression band and appears poised to breach a shorter-term ascending channel. Should this breakout falter, Dave’s downside target aligns with the lower boundary of the ascending channel.

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Regarding Bitcoin’s moving average convergence divergence (MACD), Dave suggests it could offer insight into whether Bitcoin is primed for a sudden surge.

The MACD serves as a momentum gauge, signaling potential trend initiations or reversals. Dave notes a historical pattern where Bitcoin tends to undergo a final upward push upon the MACD crossing a specific threshold, followed by a period of exhaustion, as seen in January 2021 and December 2017.

Presently, Bitcoin’s MACD is approximately a week away from entering what Dave refers to as the “parabolic strength” zone.

“The daily MACD for Bitcoin provides valuable insights, distinguishing between technical and parabolic strength.”

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