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Crypto Analyst Forecasts Positive Turn for Bitcoin Amid Recent Bearish Trend

Crypto Analyst Forecasts Positive Turn for Bitcoin Amid Recent Bearish Trend

A cryptocurrency analyst, known for accurately predicting the bottom of Bitcoin in 2022, suggests that BTC could be on the brink of a positive turn following a largely bearish period last month.

In a recent analysis, the pseudonymous analyst, DonAlt, observed that Bitcoin exhibited resilience after experiencing a dip below $60,000 earlier this month. Despite this downturn, Bitcoin swiftly recovered, indicating underlying strength in the market.

The analyst views this downward movement as a potential trigger for a bullish upswing in BTC’s price trajectory. According to him, such false breakdowns often lead to significant price gains, especially when longer-term trends remain bullish despite short-term fluctuations.

While DonAlt expresses optimism about Bitcoin’s prospects, he cautions against expecting new all-time highs in the immediate future. He notes that Bitcoin saw a remarkable rally of over 170% from October to March, suggesting the need for a period of consolidation before any further major price movements.

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The analyst emphasizes the importance of prolonged sideways movement for Bitcoin’s bullish case. Such consolidation, he argues, allows the market to “digest” the previous rally. He highlights that while intense rallies are typically followed by sharp corrections or prolonged sideways movement, a false breakdown followed by sideways movement would be the most favorable scenario for Bitcoin’s price stability and long-term growth.

DonAlt believes that as long as Bitcoin maintains support around the $62,500 level and avoids dropping below $61,000 again, the overall outlook for the cryptocurrency remains highly promising.

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