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Fundamental Analysis

Crypto Expert Warns of Bitcoin’s Unsustainable Rally

Crypto Expert Warns of Bitcoin’s Unsustainable Rally

Bitcoin has been on a very bullish wave this past week as the price broke past the $48,000 barrier.

An influential figure in the cryptocurrency realm has raised concerns regarding the sustainability of Bitcoin’s current surge. This expert, known for his insightful analyses, has pointed to a specific metric indicating a potential downturn in interest surrounding the leading digital currency.

In a recent update shared with his extensive online following, this analyst noted a decline in Google searches related to “Bitcoin.”

He emphasized a notable correlation between these search trends and Bitcoin’s price movements. According to the analyst’s observations, the diminishing interest in Bitcoin searches has coincided with its recent price peaks.

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Highlighting the significance of search volume, the expert suggested that Bitcoin’s trading volume must significantly increase for it to surpass key resistance levels, particularly the $49,000 mark.

Without such an increase, sustaining the current upward momentum could prove challenging.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $48,070, with its future trajectory hinging on various factors, including market sentiment and trading volume.

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