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Technical Analysis

Crypto Projections: SHIB, FLOKI, and Bitcoin on the Rise

Crypto Projections: SHIB, FLOKI, and Bitcoin on the Rise

A prominent figure in the crypto trading world is optimistic about the future of Shiba Inu (SHIB), a popular meme-based cryptocurrency, foreseeing significant potential for growth.

Analyst Kaleo suggests SHIB is well-positioned for a surge after recently surpassing a key resistance level and confirming it as a support.

Kaleo’s analysis indicates a possible SHIB surge above $0.000015 by early December, with the current price at $0.00000861, implying potential gains exceeding 74% if it aligns with Kaleo’s projections.

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Kaleo also mentions keeping an eye on FLOKI (FLOKI), another meme-driven cryptocurrency. He speculates FLOKI might experience an upswing upon breaching a crucial diagonal resistance around $0.00004.

In addition, Kaleo interprets Bitcoin‘s recent correction as a deliberate move to shake off speculative traders. He anticipates a bullish rally toward a projected 2023 high of $40,000.

These insights suggest optimism about SHIB’s potential surge, FLOKI’s breakout prospects, and a positive outlook for Bitcoin’s trajectory in the crypto market.

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