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Fundamental Analysis

Ethereum: Over $1B Leaves CEXs: Bitcoin Gains Ground

Ethereum: Over $1B Leaves CEXs: Bitcoin Gains Ground

Recent data from a prominent blockchain analysis firm indicates a significant shift in Ethereum (ETH) movement away from centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

IntoTheBlock’s analysis of Ethereum’s exchange netflows revealed a substantial outflow of $320 million in the past week alone, contributing to a total outflow of $1 billion in just three weeks.

In parallel, observations by IntoTheBlock suggest positive on-chain indicators for Bitcoin (BTC), hinting at the influx of fresh capital into the market.

Data indicates a surge in new participants entering the Bitcoin space, with a notable increase in the proportion of recently created active addresses, reaching a yearly high of 67.62% this week.

Bitcoin’s resilience in value while witnessing smaller-cap cryptocurrencies surging implies increased capital inflow into both segments of the market.

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Additionally, IntoTheBlock emphasizes the record-high accumulation of Bitcoin by long-term holders, historically linked to significant shifts in Bitcoin’s market cycles. Long-term holders typically bolster their Bitcoin holdings during bearish market phases and the initial stages of bullish trends, trimming them near previous all-time highs.

The continued rise in Bitcoin holdings among long-term investors implies a collective expectation of a bullish trajectory for Bitcoin.

As of the latest update, Bitcoin is valued at $37,326, reflecting a 1.70% increase in value over the past day.

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