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Technical Analysis

PlanB Predicts Bitcoin’s Potential 4X Gain in Current Market Cycle

PlanB Predicts Bitcoin’s Potential 4X Gain in Current Market Cycle

Renowned quant analyst PlanB predicts significant gains for Bitcoin (BTC) in the current market cycle.

PlanB expressed disappointment with a $200,000 price peak for Bitcoin at the end of the current bull market. He relies on his stock-to-flow model, which compares the circulation of a commodity to its annual production, to project a potential 660% rally from current prices before the market cycle concludes.

According to PlanB, the next market top is likely in 2025, not 2024, with a projected peak much higher than $200,000. He suggests figures around $600,000 to $1,000,000 based on stock-to-flow analysis.

However, PlanB cautions that Bitcoin’s ascent will not be without obstacles. He anticipates multiple corrections in the coming months on the path to reaching his price target, emphasizing the normalcy of volatility in the market.

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Despite these fluctuations, PlanB advises a hands-off approach, suggesting that he personally will refrain from making any significant moves for the next 12 months, opting to reassess his strategy when the market transitions from a bull phase to distribution.

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