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Massive Liquidations Shake Crypto Markets as Bitcoin Rockets Upward

Massive Liquidations Shake Crypto Markets as Bitcoin Rockets Upward

The digital asset markets are currently experiencing a surge, led by Bitcoin (BTC), which is making significant gains.

In the last 24 hours, data from Coinglass, a crypto data aggregator, shows that the cryptocurrency markets have seen over $480 million in liquidations.

During this same period, BTC has witnessed a 9.4% increase and is currently trading at $33,913. Over the past week, Bitcoin has soared by more than 19%, hitting a new yearly high just above $35,400.

ThBTC’s remarkable performance has prompted a sentiment change among prominent traders.

Popular crypto trader Nicholas Merten has acknowledged his earlier misjudgment of Bitcoin’s trajectory this year.

He remains cautiously uncertain about the prospects of a full-fledged bull market, stating, “It’s difficult to admit, but the call on Bitcoin this year was incorrect.” He also conveyed his respect for those who correctly predicted a break above $31,000.

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Another trader, known as Capo, who had maintained a bearish stance for over a year, has also altered his perspective. In light of recent developments, he observed, “The recent breakout defies the main bearish scenario I had in mind.”

He went on to analyze the market, explaining the need for prices to fall below $30,000 to confirm a deviation from the previous resistance level, emphasizing the current uncertainty.

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