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New Crypto TV Show Set to Debut Worldwide

New Crypto TV Show Set to Debut Worldwide

A groundbreaking reality TV series, 'The Next Crypto Gem,' is gearing up for its highly-anticipated premiere on September 7th, spanning an impressive 56 countries.

This innovative show is the brainchild of The Hourglass Collective, a prominent Web3 incubator, and has earned itself the moniker ‘Crypto’s Answer to Shark Tank.’ Its primary mission? To build a bridge between the complex world of cryptocurrency and the embrace of mainstream entertainment.

Crypto Education Takes Center Stage

At the heart of the competition, intrepid contestants will lock horns in a series of challenging tasks, vying for a substantial prize pool of approximately $150,000. A panel of distinguished judges will guide these brave souls on their crypto journey, including notable figures like Layah Heilpern, George Tung, and Brian D. Evans.

Adding to the excitement, guest appearances will be made by industry heavyweights such as the original Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, the illustrious poker player Tom Dwan, and the YouTube sensation known as ‘BitBoy Crypto,’ a.k.a. Ben Armstrong.

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The inaugural episode will set the stage with a unique challenge – explaining the intricacies of blockchain technology to individuals least acquainted with cryptocurrency, sometimes even harboring skepticism.

Contestants will be grouped into four teams, each tasked with simplifying the fundamentals of blockchain for the uninitiated, aptly named “no-coiners.” What sets this show apart is its unwavering commitment to education; it promises to feature moments akin to ‘The Big Short,’ where judges will demystify crypto jargon for the viewers.

Behind the Scenes and Global Reach

Jett Tang, the Executive Producer of ‘The Next Crypto Gem,’ recently shared in an interview that the show’s essence lies in its ambition to introduce cryptocurrency to the masses, making it accessible and engaging.

Tang highlighted the key ingredients of teamwork, fierce competition, larger-than-life personalities, and the birth of ingenious ideas as the driving forces behind the show’s appeal.

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Adding a touch of glamour to the mix, Jade, the charismatic host of the ‘Behind the PFP’ podcast, will grace the show with her presence. Her excitement was palpable as she posted on X (formerly Twitter), “It feels like we were filming just yesterday, and now there are only two days left until the premiere of ‘The Next Crypto Gem!'”

Prepare to be captivated as ‘The Next Crypto Gem’ unfolds its compelling narrative on Insight TV’s global stage, reaching over 55 countries and captivating audiences in more than 12 languages.

The show will be available on various platforms, including Amazon Prime, PlutoTV, Samsung TV, and Vizio LG, ensuring widespread accessibility for crypto enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike.

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