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Ripple CEO Foresees Pro-Crypto Funding Surge in U.S. Politics

Ripple CEO Foresees Pro-Crypto Funding Surge in U.S. Politics

Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse has recently made headlines with his stance on the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election, where he foresees a wave of funding going to pro-crypto candidates within months.

This signals a major change in the political landscape influenced by digital assets.

Garlinghouse noted that there has been growing impact of cryptocurrencies on American politics, implying that those for clear rules could receive votes from the electorate.

It is in line with a general trend of crypto companies which have spent nearly $150 million on campaigns in the last 4 years.

These donations are not just aimed at pro-crypto legalisation but at electing legislators who are supportive towards the digital asset industry.

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Some companies like Coinbase and Ripple have been making strong cases for favorable regulations as they emphasize how blockchain technology shapes electoral outcomes and policy decisions.

Garlinghouse’s words point to an increased involvement of cryptocurrency in American politics indicating that candidates promoting crypto-friendly policies might significantly benefit from it. Alternatively, opponents or proponents demanding strict regulations may face significant opposition risking their success at elections.

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