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Ripple Expands Collaboration for Digitalizing Georgia’s Economy

Ripple Expands Collaboration for Digitalizing Georgia’s Economy

Ripple, a significant player in the cryptocurrency sphere, is expanding its collaboration with the Republic of Georgia, aiming to digitalize the local economy alongside the National Bank of Georgia (NBG).

This move follows a meeting between NBG officials and Ripple’s James Wallis, focusing on bolstering financial technology and digitalization efforts.

Ripple’s partnership with EPAM Systems, introduced during the meeting, signals a deeper commitment to these initiatives.

The discussions revolved around exploring avenues for digitizing the Georgian economy, leveraging Ripple’s expertise as the technological partner for NBG’s digital lari project, a CBDC pilot initiative.

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This collaboration aligns with Ripple’s broader support for global CBDC initiatives, echoing its stance outlined in a recent white paper.

However, concerns persist regarding potential drawbacks associated with CBDC implementation, such as privacy issues and government surveillance.

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