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Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin the Easiest Route to Millionaire Status?

Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin the Easiest Route to Millionaire Status?

Popular for his "Rich Dad Poor Dad" series, American entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki caused a stir last week when he advised the public to invest in Bitcoin if they wanted to become millionaires easily.

Kiyosaki opined that although business requires brainpower, hard work, and a little fortune, buying and holding onto BTC was less involving than most other forms of entrepreneurship.

His announcement on social networking sites has led to heated discussions among his fans with some people questioning whether it is possible for the value of one coin to skyrocket so high within such an expensive market as today’s economy.

Nonetheless, recent findings from Kaiko, a research company show that there are nearly 2000 new millionaire-making wallet addresses being set up for bitcoins per day.

As per Glassnode statistics released earlier on this month about 115k wallets hold over $1M worth of bitcoins and this number continues to grow; however not all these wallets might belong to individuals who invested in them personally.

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Despite doubts being raised by certain quarters, Kiyosaki is still bullish about future prospects of cryptos—speculating that prices could hit as high as three hundred and fifty thousand dollars come August.

His prediction has been met with mixed reactions from within the community itself which reflects broader arguments around how we should be valuing these digital assets.

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