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Robert Kiyosaki Warns of Next Bank to Collapse: Implications for Global Economy and China’s Dominance

Robert Kiyosaki Warns of Next Bank to Collapse: Implications for Global Economy and China’s Dominance

Renowned finance expert and author Robert Kiyosaki recently cautioned that the Bank of Japan (BOJ) could be the next global financial institution to fail, given its heavy involvement in financing the derivatives market.

In this article, we break down Kiyosaki’s comments and what they could mean for the global economy.

The derivatives market and the BOJ’s role

Kiyosaki pointed out that the BOJ financed the derivatives markets, which Warren Buffett called “weapons of mass financial destruction.”

The global derivatives market is now valued at a staggering quadrillion dollars, with the BOJ’s involvement putting it in a vulnerable position. The author argued that this threat to the global economy is far from over.

Money-printing and interest rates

Kiyosaki also criticized the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hike strategy and money-printing habits since 2008, stating that interest rates had been dropping but were suddenly going up.

He argued that the rate hikes were too rapid and pointed out that Powell had raised interest rates faster than ever. Kiyosaki suggested that gold and silver are safer investments in this environment.

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Implications for China’s dominance

The author warned that a potential collapse of the BOJ could give China another opportunity to assert its dominance in the global economy. China has taken aggressive steps to compete economically and replace the US dollar with the yuan. The communist country’s growing influence, exemplified by the Belt and Road Initiative, has garnered increasing support.

Significant implications for the global economy

Kiyosaki’s warnings about the global economy state that the current tremors could have significant implications. Investors should be on guard, and Kiyosaki suggested staying flexible and paying attention to the changing macroeconomic landscape.

Overall, Kiyosaki’s warning of a potential BOJ collapse and its implications for the global economy and China’s dominance highlights the fragility of the financial system and the need for caution in investing.

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