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Robert Kiyosaki Warns of Systemic Inflation in the US

Robert Kiyosaki Warns of Systemic Inflation in the US

Best-selling author of the personal finance book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," Robert Kiyosaki, issued a warning about the state of inflation in the United States, criticizing authorities for not accurately presenting the situation.

He stated in a special episode on his YouTube channel on March 19 that inflation is now systemic, and citizens should brace themselves to continue to pay higher prices in the coming years. This contrasts the Federal Reserve’s previous reassurance that current inflationary pressures are temporary and will soon subside.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell accused of lying

Kiyosaki disagreed with Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s assessment that inflation is transitory, stating that Powell is not being truthful. Kiyosaki believes that citizens will pay more and more next year than they are now.

He also predicted a further spike in inflation based on how the United States handled the banking crisis after the collapse of three lenders in a matter of days. He alleged that the US would likely print more money to bail out the banks, translating into increased inflation.

Concerns about the US economy and taxpayers

Kiyosaki remained concerned about American taxpayers and the overall economy, believing that the Federal Reserve and the FDIC could cause hyperinflation by continuously printing “fake money”, referring to the dollar.

He criticized President Joe Biden’s stance that the bailout for collapsed banks would not cost taxpayers any money, stating that the president is ignoring the truth.

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Kiyosaki advocates for investment in precious metals and Bitcoin

The author advocates for investment in precious metals such as gold and silver, noting that they are the best alternative to “fake money”.

He believes that the inflation issue signals an upcoming global economic crash that has been worsened by the Fed. Kiyosaki has maintained that Bitcoin is also a valuable asset to cushion against the projected economic collapse. Amid inflationary concerns, BTC is leading the crypto market in recovery, ignoring the banking sector contagion.

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