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SafeMoon Resolves Liquidity Hack After Hacker Returns 80% of Stolen Funds

SafeMoon Resolves Liquidity Hack After Hacker Returns 80% of Stolen Funds

Last month, SafeMoon suffered a liquidity hack that resulted in a loss of $9 million in tokens.

The hacker exploited a smart contract vulnerability on March 28, prompting the SafeMoon community to voice their disappointment with the lack of updates from the team. The team’s updates were criticized for being ambitious and avoiding the real issue.

SafeMoon CEO John Karony’s calls for patience did not seem to pacify the community, who were eager for action to be taken against the hacker.

However, a recent announcement from @SafeMoonSpidey suggests that the hacker has agreed to return 80% of the stolen funds. This deal was struck between the hacker and the SafeMoon team, with the on-chain message indicating that it was in the best interest of SafeMoon and the community.

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While some are concerned that the hacker is being rewarded for criminal behavior, @SafeMoonSpidey suggests that the 20% retained by the hacker could be considered a white hat bounty reward.

Nevertheless, the return of 80% of the stolen funds is certainly better than nothing. Some speculate that the SafeMoon team may have been waiting for this resolution before updating their app.

It remains to be seen whether this deal will satisfy the SafeMoon community or whether they will continue to push for further action against the hacker. In any case, the SafeMoon team will need to ensure that they take steps to prevent similar incidents in the future to restore confidence in the platform.

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