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Regulation and Policy

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign to Regulate the Crypto Space

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign to Regulate the Crypto Space

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is leading a campaign to create stricter regulation for the cryptocurrency industry.

She believes the industry is a threat to national security, and her coalition supports this stance.

Focus on national security

According to Politico, Warren is centering her potential crypto legislation around national security concerns. She also cites consumer protection, sanctions evasion, and environmental impact as critical issues.

Crypto industry and money laundering

Warren’s spokesperson, Alex Sarabia, has accused the crypto industry of fighting against rules to prevent money laundering by criminals and rogue nations. Sarabia argues that there is no reason why the crypto industry should not comply with the same laws and standards for activities that pose the same risks.

Regulatory tools against consumer fraud but not money laundering

The current legal structure has created an environment encouraging money laundering in cryptocurrency. Warren told Politico that regulators already have the necessary tools to fight consumer fraud. However, the need for appropriate rules for the crypto industry makes it challenging to prevent money laundering.

Warren’s past statements on the matter

Warren issued a statement urging the Treasury to take steps to regulate the cryptocurrency market. She was concerned about the volatility of the market and the inadequate regulatory environment that allowed crypto scams, fraud, theft, and tax evasion to persist.

She also called for measures to protect the integrity of the American sanctions regime, reduce the effects of climate change, ensure the safety and stability of the financial system, and protect consumers and investors.

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Bipartisan support for regulation

Warren’s efforts have attracted support from officials across the aisle. Louisiana Republican John Kennedy and Kansas Republican Roger Marshall are among the supporters.

Kennedy expressed concerns about former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and his lobbying efforts in Washington before the exchange ultimately collapsed. Marshall, a doctor, believes that the risks of crypto outweigh the benefits.


Elizabeth Warren’s campaign to regulate cryptocurrency centers around national security concerns. While regulators have the tools to fight consumer fraud, they lack the appropriate rules to prevent money laundering.

Warren’s past statements and bipartisan support suggest that regulatory changes for the cryptocurrency industry will likely occur.

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