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Shibarium Unveils ‘Donate’ Tool: Empowering Validators and Community

Shibarium Unveils ‘Donate’ Tool: Empowering Validators and Community

Shibarium, the backbone of Shiba Inu's ecosystem, recently introduced the "Donate" feature to empower its community and support network validators.

This feature enables direct financial contributions to non-profit validators crucial for network efficiency and security.

Ragnar Shib, a prominent Shiba Inu community figure, enthusiastically announced this update, inviting followers to explore Shibarium’s website for details.

The feature simplifies donations to validators through an intuitive process on the website. This strategic move aims to fortify the network’s resilience by backing validators who validate transactions and maintain ledger integrity.

Currently, Shibarium operates with 12 validators, with the top five holding significant staked amounts.

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Validator slots are capped at 100, requiring a minimum stake of 10,000 BONE units per validator. Shibarium currently has 21,488,549 staked BONE tokens valued at $13.6 million.

In parallel, Shibarium emphasizes user support by launching a new FAQ page within its application. Meanwhile, the Shiba Inu price faces uncertainty in the market, having been rejected at a critical trend line multiple times.

A failure to retest this line might signal a potential downward trend for SHIB.

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