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Solana Co-founder Proposes Network Stress-test Solution

Solana Co-founder Proposes Network Stress-test Solution

Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko has proposed a novel approach to address the ongoing challenges within the Solana blockchain network.

His suggestion involves stress-testing the network by forking the ORE protocol, a concept sparked by a previous post by Chaofan Shou, a PhD student at the University of Berkeley, discussing the profitability of ORE mining.

ORE, a token built on Solana utilizing a unique mining system for claiming, caught Yakovenko’s attention as a potential solution. He believes that forking ORE could lead to broader adoption and benefits for all involved, offering a means to test the network’s resilience and scalability.

In his proposal, Yakovenko explores the idea of creating a fork of ORE with a miner on Solana’s testnet, followed by airdropping rewards on the mainnet. Such an initiative, he suggests, would not only attract a substantial user base but also provide crucial traffic to evaluate Solana’s capacity to handle increased activity.

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This proposal aligns seamlessly with Solana’s ongoing efforts to address congestion issues on its testnet. Yakovenko emphasizes the importance of finding a solution promptly, noting the significant impact of delays on project launches and developer engagement. Moreover, he underscores the urgent need for scalability solutions as Solana continues to grow in popularity and adoption.

In addition to the ORE forking proposal, validator client Anza has released a crucial upgrade currently undergoing testing. This development signifies the collective effort within the Solana ecosystem to confront challenges head-on and ensure the network’s continued success amidst rapid growth and evolving demands.

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