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Someone Paid $10,000 for ChatGPT Ethereum Domain

Someone Paid $10,000 for ChatGPT Ethereum Domain

An ENS domain name linked to ChatGPT has been sold on OpenSea for 6 WETH, which roughly translates to $10,000.

As AI continues to be a hot topic, it appears that assets in the crypto space connected to the technology are also enjoying growth.

The ENS domain name, which was purchased by “ishmilly“, who also owns a few Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFts has made waves in the crypto world due to the recent surge in interest in ChatGPT. The domain was previously owned by “LongDuck,” who also holds several other ENS domain names.

This latest development is just one example of individuals taking advantage of the ChatGPT frenzy that has been sweeping the world. With its popularity only set to increase, thanks to Microsoft’s integration of the AI service with Bing and Edge, tokens like SingularityNET have also seen a significant rise in value.

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While ENS domain names associated with ChatGPT have received attention, overall interest in these domain names is low. According to data from Dune, new registrations, and addresses have been declining over the past few months, with a total of 2.7 million active ENS names.

However, there may be hope for growth in the future, as Ethereum Name Service recently teamed up with Coinbase to bring more user-friendly domain names to the platform.

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