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NFTs and MetaverseRegulation and Policy

South Korea Implements New Regulations for NFT Market

South Korea Implements New Regulations for NFT Market

South Korea is on the brink of enforcing the Korean Virtual Asset User Protection Act, a pivotal move aimed at imposing stricter regulations on the burgeoning NFT market.

The legislation targets NFTs demonstrating significant issuance, divisibility, and utility in transactions, mandating companies engaged in NFT-related activities to report their operations to regulatory bodies.

Recently released guidelines by the Financial Services Commission provide clarity on classifying NFTs as virtual assets, outlining parameters such as issuance scale and utility.

Operators handling NFTs must meticulously evaluate if their assets meet these criteria and adhere to reporting obligations.

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Non-compliance could lead to severe penalties, underlining the urgency for operators to ensure regulatory compliance or risk legal consequences.

Guidance from financial authorities is available for operators navigating the complexities of NFT classification.

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