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Spot Ethereum ETFs Expected to Attract Substantial Investment Flows

Spot Ethereum ETFs Expected to Attract Substantial Investment Flows

Spot Ethereum ETFs are anticipated to capture a significant portion of the investment inflows currently directed towards spot Bitcoin ETFs, according to insights shared by Bitfinex's head of derivatives, Jag Kooner.

He suggests that these ETFs could attract between 10-20% of the flows typically seen in spot Bitcoin ETFs. However, Kooner underscores the importance of future clarification from regulatory authorities, particularly the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), regarding the permissibility of staking in spot Ethereum ETFs.

Drawing parallels from historical examples, Kooner highlights how the introduction of gold ETFs in the past influenced investment allocations, potentially impacting existing financial products related to gold. Similarly, the advent of Ethereum ETFs could prompt fund managers to adjust their portfolios to balance exposure between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Furthermore, Kooner illustrates how fund managers historically diversified their ETF portfolios to manage risk and potentially boost returns. He cites the introduction of gold spot ETFs in 2004 and the subsequent introduction of silver ETFs in 2006 as examples, where investors redirected funds to capitalize on the growing demand for silver, especially in industrial applications.


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