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SubQuery Launches Faster and More Flexible Data Indexing for Ethereum

SubQuery Launches Faster and More Flexible Data Indexing for Ethereum

SubQuery, the Web3 data indexing toolkit, has added support for Ethereum (ETH) to its beta version.

This decentralized data indexing solution allows developers to quickly organize and query on-chain data for their protocols and apps without the burden of designing their own indexing systems.

SubQuery‘s proprietary API abstracts the backend, enabling developers to concentrate on product development and user experience.

The tool is 1.85 times faster than The Graph (GRT) and supports Avalanche, Flare, Cosmos (Ethermint), and Polkadot (FrontierEVM) networks.

SubQuery plans to launch the SubQuery Network, a decentralized and tokenized protocol that can index Ethereum projects and those from other supported Layer-1 networks.

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The Founder and CEO of SubQuery, Sam Zou, stated that the integration guarantees Ethereum developers a smooth and seamless experience indexing with SubQuery’s open-source SDK, tools, and documentation.

Unlike The Graph, SubQuery will not be sunsetted and gives developers more freedom to host their projects and control them.

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