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Telegram Introduces Toncoin-Powered Ads for User Monetization

Telegram Introduces Toncoin-Powered Ads for User Monetization

Telegram has announced a new feature allowing users to purchase in-platform advertisements using Toncoin, as part of its latest user monetization update.

The update includes a revenue-sharing model where 50% of ad revenue from public Telegram channels goes to their respective owners.

Users can now promote their channels by spending “a handful” of Toncoins, with the flexibility to select specific channels for their TON-powered ads. Additionally, channel owners will have fee-free withdrawals of their rewards, with the withdrawal service set to launch on Telegram’s Fragment exchange in the upcoming weeks.

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Telegram cited the TON Blockchain’s advantages, such as low fees and high transaction speeds, as reasons for choosing it for this feature. The blockchain reportedly achieved 100,000 transactions per second during a test in November.

CEO Pavel Durov previously teased this update, noting that while Telegram channels receive over 1 trillion monthly views, only 10% have been monetized with Telegram ads. Durov believes this feature will create a positive cycle, enabling content creators to cash out Toncoins or reinvest them in channel promotion and upgrades.

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