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The Graph Positioned for More Than 500% Gains – InvestAnswers

The Graph Positioned for More Than 500% Gains – InvestAnswers

A cryptocurrency strategist has expressed a bullish sentiment on The Graph, an Ethereum (ETH)-based decentralized search engine altcoin.

The Graph as the dominant search engine for decentralized networks

The anonymous host of the InvestAnswers channel on YouTube has stated in a new video that The Graph (GRT) is the massively dominant search engine of decentralized networks.

According to the host, The Graph got his attention two years ago due to its potential as the “Google of blockchain and its emphasis on transparency in the Web3 space.

Projected surge

The host of InvestAnswers believes that The Graph could surge by more than 500% from its current levels during the next bull run.

He predicts that The Graph could go over $1 in the next bull run, which could happen in the next six months to a year and a half from now.

Although this prediction is risky, the rewards are high as it represents a 7X increase from its current price ($0.16 at the time of writing).

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Avoid FOMO

Despite his bullish sentiment, the host of InvestAnswers cautions investors to avoid putting their money into the altcoin based on a fear of missing out (FOMO).

The Graph has already gone up by over 200% since November 2022, when it hit an all-time low of $0.052.

It has recently come off its euphoric run, with the other names in the space going up by 800% to 900%. The host advises to “sit tight” and not FOMO in.

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