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The Vatican Introduces a NFT Reward Project

The Vatican Introduces a NFT Reward Project

The Vatican has ventured into the Web3 space with the “Vatican Library Web3 Support Project,” which rewards Italian users with NFTs for sharing the project or making donations.

These NFTs act as keys to access a special collection of 21 manuscripts from the Vatican Apostolic Library. Launched by NTT DATA Italia and the Vatican Library, the project builds on its earlier success in Japan.

Italian users have until July 16 to participate by either sharing the project on social media or donating through the initiative’s website. Participants receive NFTs that grant access to high-resolution images of the manuscripts. Sharing the project earns users an “NFT Silver,” which provides access to 15 manuscripts, while donations result in an “NFT Gold,” granting access to all 21 manuscripts.

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Don Mauro Mantovani, Prefect of the Vatican Apostolic Library, stated that the project aligns with the Library’s mission to make its collections accessible and to foster research. He expressed confidence in NTT DATA’s ability to create similar projects globally, enhancing community engagement through Web3 technology.

This initiative follows the Vatican’s earlier digital engagement, such as the 2021 launch of the Scholas Occurrentes NFT artwork collection by Pope Francis. Proceeds from this collection supported the Pope’s global charity, the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, demonstrating the Vatican’s commitment to leveraging digital platforms for cultural and charitable endeavors.

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