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There will be “Aggressive” Institutional Adoption of Crypto, Predicts Bittrex CEO

There will be “Aggressive” Institutional Adoption of Crypto, Predicts Bittrex CEO

Oliver Linch, the CEO of Bittrex Global, is optimistic about the future of the crypto industry - here's why.

In a recent interview with Scott Melker, the head of the leading crypto exchange shared his thoughts on the potential for major players in traditional finance to adopt cryptocurrencies.

Linch predicts that leading financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, will soon take on a more significant role in the crypto industry. He believes these institutions will aggressively adopt crypto to seize the opportunities it presents.

While some may view institutional adoption as a threat to the crypto industry, Linch sees it as an opportunity to accelerate innovation. He believes that financial giants entering the space will push the boundaries much harder with their weight and be more innovative and aggressive.

In his view, this improves the industry, creates more opportunities for individuals, and ultimately benefits everyone involved.

Linch acknowledges that there may be some pain along the way, as war is always painful. Still, he suggests it is not a competition between crypto and traditional finance. Instead, it should be considered a race to see who can do crypto better.

Furthermore, Linch anticipates many partnerships between traditional financial institutions and those in the crypto sector will form. He notes that historically, big players have been the biggest drivers of innovation, and he expects this trend to continue in the crypto industry.

Although financial institutions may have been slow to adopt crypto, Linch believes the big change will happen when they stop fighting it and start partnering and working together.

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During the bear market, many financial giants moved to establish crypto divisions within their companies, positioning themselves for the industry’s growth. Linch sees this as a positive sign of institutional interest in crypto. He notes that every big bank now has a substantive crypto desk, not just for trading but for partnerships as well.

While some may view financial giants negatively, Linch believes that they are the people who are needed to push the industry forward. In his view, financial institutions are not the enemy but rather potential partners in the crypto revolution. He suggests that by showing them how crypto can be profitable, they can be persuaded to work together and exploit the opportunities presented.

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