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Trade Crypto Without the Middleman: Brave Browser’s New Feature

Trade Crypto Without the Middleman: Brave Browser’s New Feature

Brave, a browser that values privacy, has introduced a fresh capability that allows its users to sell cryptocurrency assets from its integrated Web3 wallet.

This feature incorporates Ramp Network’s off-ramp solution into Brave Wallet, enabling the trading of crypto assets for fiat currencies without requiring the use of a centralized third party such as a cryptocurrency exchange.

Almost a year following its partnership with Ramp to enable buying of cryptocurrency directly within the Brave Wallet, the company has made this announcement.

By combining Ramp’s on- and off-ramping services into Brave Wallet, users can now retain control of their assets by moving in and out of crypto solely via their self-custody wallet without the need for centralized exchanges.

The off-ramping service currently supports over 38 crypto assets, including BTC, ETH, and SOL.

As the crypto market confronts the collapse of numerous centralized entities that have caused billions in customer losses, Brave releases this feature.

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Last month, the browser announced its collaboration with Solana to bring Solana DApp support to its iOS and Android versions.

Users may now connect to Solana DApps via Brave’s integrated crypto wallet without having to exit the browser.

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