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Traditional Finance Meets Crypto: Raoul Pal’s Bullish Forecast

Traditional Finance Meets Crypto: Raoul Pal’s Bullish Forecast

Macro expert Raoul Pal forecasts a bullish trend for crypto assets as traditional finance institutions venture into this emerging sector.

He highlights the increasing interest of major fiat-based firms in the crypto space, citing notable names like Franklin Templeton, Fidelity, Apollo, JPM, and Goldman, among others, that are exploring blockchain technology and establishing their presence.

Distinguishing the crypto world from the conventional financial system, which he terms “fiat land,” Pal emphasizes that crypto and Bitcoin aim to establish an independent economic realm, offering an alternative to counter currency devaluation prevalent in fiat currencies.

He underscores Bitcoin’s fundamental purpose: to bypass traditional banking systems and establish a parallel financial ecosystem, attracting individuals seeking refuge from currency debasement or upheavals in fiat land, such as conflicts or wealth confiscation.

Pal anticipates forthcoming Bitcoin ETF acting as a linkage between the crypto domain and fiat land. He views these ETFs as a sort of trade agreement, facilitating foreign direct investment (FDI) into the crypto world.

This potential influx of investment hinges on the allure of superior returns, particularly as assets like BTC showcase significantly higher growth rates compared to established indices like the S&P 500, making the new financial landscape increasingly enticing.

Alexander Stefanov

Reporter at CoinsPress

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