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Traditional Lenders Gain Edge in Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank Bids

Traditional Lenders Gain Edge in Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank Bids

According to reports from Reuters, individuals interested in acquiring Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank must submit their bids by March 17.

Regulators have requested that those interested in acquiring the banks submit their bids by the deadline.

However, potential buyers must be aware that they will be required to relinquish Signature Bank‘s crypto business as US authorities have expressed concern regarding the impact of crypto businesses on banks, citing systemic risks.

The US Federal Deposit Insurance Corp has been trying to resolve the banking situation, but a partial sale of the banks may only be approved if a full sale is not achieved.

In addition, sources indicate that the goal is to give traditional lenders advantages over private equity firms by limiting access to the banks’ financials to only bidders with an existing bank charter. This will allow bidders to study the financials before submitting their offer.

There are concerns surrounding Signature Bank as it is currently facing a criminal probe by investigators in the Justice Department in Washington and Manhattan.

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The bank is being investigated to determine whether it took appropriate measures to detect potential client money laundering. The US Securities and Exchange Commission is also investigating the bank. The bank is under scrutiny for scrutinizing people opening accounts and monitoring transactions for signs of criminal activity.

Recent reports suggest that Signature Bank has known about FTX’s dealings since June 2020, and analysts are questioning whether there is a clampdown on crypto-friendly banks.

Despite a bank board member suggesting that the shutdown was politically motivated, New York regulators have stated that Signature Bank’s closure was unrelated to its involvement in the cryptocurrency sector.

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