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Trezor Introduces New Hardware Wallet and Expert Onboarding Service at BTC Prague 2024

Trezor Introduces New Hardware Wallet and Expert Onboarding Service at BTC Prague 2024

During BTC Prague 2024, Trezor revealed its new Safe 5 hardware wallet and the Bitcoin-only version, as well as the "Trezor Expert" onboarding service.

These two technological breakthroughs allow users to securely store, manage, stake, and transact with thousands of cryptocurrencies via the Trezor Suite desktop and mobile app.

Some of the main attracting points are a larger color LCD display with haptic feedback, improved safety with a secure element rated EAL 6, and a progressive 20-word backup process where Shamir’s secret sharing is used to make it more resilient against loss.

The CEO, Matěj Žák, underscored the need for hardware wallets to possess both security and usability, addressing the worries of the crypto community regarding the safety of exchanges.

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Trezor Safe 5 is sold at a price of $169, and pre-orders are up for the Bitcoin-only and Black Graphite versions that will ship in July. Green Beryl and Violet Ore will probably be shipped in mid-August.

Trezor also brought in the so-called Trezor Expert, a personalized onboarding service provided for $99, that involves one-on-one sessions devoted to either help customers set up or/and secure their new hardware wallets. The service is aimed at instilling confidence and knowledge in handling cryptographic assets in a secure manner.

These new developments mark Trezor’s ongoing efforts to enhance UX and strenghten security in the crypto space.

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