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Tron Will Use ChatGPT for a New Decentralized Payment System

Tron Will Use ChatGPT for a New Decentralized Payment System

Justin Sun announced a plan for a Tron blockchain and AI-oriented decentralized payment framework for ChatGPT and OpenAI that aims to revolutionize the DeFi system.

Tron’s founder thinks that with the help of artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT and OpenAI, payment systems will become much more efficient.

“As an industry-leading decentralized stablecoin financial infrastructure, Tron will provide an AI-oriented decentralized payment framework for AI systems #ChatGPT and OpenAI.”

The planned framework will cover a smart contract system on the Tron blockchain, the payment layer protocol, the underlying SDK, and the AI payment gateway.

According to Sun, this smart contract system can store user questions, and AI results on the decentralized BitTorrent file storage system BTFS. He also adds that with this framework, he will create a DeFi payment system that will be secure, trustworthy, tamper-proof, and anti-censorship.

Artificial Intelligence will supposedly further evolve the current financial system and take it to the next level.

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The new system will also offer efficient settlement on Tron’s blockchain; however, for this to be implemented, TRX and BTT have to achieve fully decentralized storage and DAO governance.

Furthermore, Justin Sun aims to have all Tron-linked tokens and projects incorporate AI systems.

At the time of writing, TRX prices hover around $0.063, with a 2% decrease in the past 24 hours.

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