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Trump to Speak at Bitcoin 2024 Conference in Nashville

Trump to Speak at Bitcoin 2024 Conference in Nashville

Former US President Donald Trump will be a keynote speaker at the Bitcoin 2024 Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, from July 25-27.

Bitcoin Magazine, the event’s organizer, confirmed his 30-minute speech for July 27 at 2 pm CT. This conference, known for significant announcements like El Salvador making BTC legal tender in 2021, will feature two US Presidential candidates, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Trump, potentially influencing future US crypto policy.

Trump’s recent shift to a pro-Bitcoin stance includes promises to support BTC mining in the US and uphold self-custody rights for crypto holders. His participation has sparked mixed reactions, with industry leaders questioning his motives and potential impact on global markets.

Last month, Trump met with major US miners, pledging to mine “all remaining” BTC in the US and asserting that “the future of Bitcoin and crypto will be made in the USA.”

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The conference’s relocation from Miami to Nashville signifies its growing influence and the increasing political interest in cryptocurrency.

Trump’s involvement is seen by some as a strategic move to garner votes, while others view it as a genuine effort to position the United States as a leader in the crypto space. As anticipation builds, the event is poised to shape the conversation around Bitcoin and crypto regulation in the country.

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