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U.S. and Chinese Officials to Hold AI Risk Talks in Geneva

U.S. and Chinese Officials to Hold AI Risk Talks in Geneva

Government representatives from the United States and China are scheduled to convene in Geneva on Tuesday for discussions on the various risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI).

This dialogue marks the inaugural formal exchange between the two nations specifically focused on AI risks.

The meeting follows a previous agreement made by President Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in November to enhance bilateral dialogue across several domains, including AI.

Despite the significance of the meeting, officials emphasize that it will primarily involve sharing perspectives on AI risks rather than negotiating any agreements.

According to a senior administration official, the talks will cover a wide spectrum of AI-related risks, including but not limited to discussions on the use of AI in nuclear weaponry. However, the official stressed that the discussions would not extend to negotiations concerning technology protection policies.

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Led by U.S. National Security Council official Tarun Chhabra and Seth Center from the State Department, the dialogue will include representatives from China’s Foreign Ministry and the National Development and Reform Commission.

The meeting comes amid growing U.S. concerns over China’s expanding AI capabilities and its potential implications for national security. Despite these tensions, the dialogue provides an opportunity for both parties to articulate their concerns and possibly establish guidelines for the responsible use of AI technology.

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