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U.S. Politician Urges Lawmakers to Regulate Stablecoins

U.S. Politician Urges Lawmakers to Regulate Stablecoins

Cryptocurrency policy is shaping the upcoming 2024 presidential race, with Biden administration officials preparing to attend a policy roundtable convened by Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), and former President Trump endorsing keeping crypto companies at home.

The debate has been joined by former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who called on lawmakers to formulate a “sound and predictable regulatory framework for stablecoins in the U.S.”

The Policy Council at Paradigm, a crypto-focused VC firm, which Ryan is now part of, says in an opinion in The Wall Street Journal that use of stablecoins could make American debt more attractive internationally and prevent failed debt auctions that would undermine American creditworthiness.

Ryan stressed that if other nations strengthen their currencies while discarding US Treasury bonds, USA must come up with new mechanisms to make its currency more appealing.

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He suggested that dollar-backed stablecoins might be a solution. In addition, he drew attention to China’s adoption of digital dollar technology via its e-yuan as an example America should not lag behind other major global rivals in this regard.

Ryan warned against emulating China’s central bank digital currency system through a digital dollar from the US; instead he posited value-based dollar backed coins released on public permissionless blockchains.

A bipartisan effort was called for by him in Congress to create a stable regulatory infrastructure for stablecoins and thereby maybe achieving something significant amid political tensions caused by elections.

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