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UK Court Rejects Craig Wright’s Bid to Halt Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Operations

UK Court Rejects Craig Wright’s Bid to Halt Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Operations

A recent court ruling in the UK has rejected Craig Wright's bid to halt the operation of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Wright had claimed that his version of Bitcoin, known as Bitcoin SV, is the original form of the blockchain and that the inclusion of the Bitcoin whitepaper in block 230,009 of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash infringed on his copyright.

However, Judge James Mellor noted that Wright’s efforts to apply copyright to the Bitcoin file format as a literary work were not applicable in this case.

Mellor stated that the mere execution of a Bitcoin node did not meet copyright law’s fixation or identifiability requirements.

As a result, Wright was instructed to remove references to copyright infringement in his claims and was denied permission to appeal the decision.

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In the past, Wright has made several claims that he is the true creator of Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto.

The current case (IL-2022-000069) is separate from another (BL-2021-000313) in which Wright intends to sue Bitcoin developers for an amount of 111,000 BTC, currently worth $2.5 billion. Today’s ruling did not refer to any monetary sum.

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