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UK Regulators Greenlight Tokenised Funds for Investment Managers

UK Regulators Greenlight Tokenised Funds for Investment Managers

British investment managers recently gained approval to develop tokenised funds, a method that involves dividing assets into smaller tokens utilizing blockchain technology, according to the industry's trade body's announcement last week.

Tokenisation, also referred to as fractionalisation of funds, aims to simplify and increase transparency in trading fund assets, enabling investors to access a wider array of assets, as highlighted by industry advocates.

The Investment Association revealed that funds approved by Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority can now initiate the creation of tokenised funds, with the condition that these investments remain in mainstream assets and uphold existing valuation and settlement procedures.

Michelle Scrimgeour, CEO of Legal & General Investment Management, expressed, “The potential of fund tokenisation is immense in transforming our industry operations, fostering greater efficiency, liquidity, improved risk management, and the development of more tailored portfolios.”

Scrimgeour spearheads a collaborative working group with the FCA and Britain’s finance ministry, aiming to facilitate the integration of tokenised funds, with notable participants including BlackRock, M&G, and Schroders.

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Blockchain, the underlying technology in this initiative, acts as a digital ledger to document token ownership. Its primary utilization has been in cryptocurrencies, which remain a relatively small part of the global financial system.

Following Brexit, the UK is striving to bolster liquidity within its asset management sector by revising regulations.

In the United States, Europe, and Asia, investment managers and exchanges have already started exploring the potential of offering tokenised funds.


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